A New Client

    New Client

We’re working on an entirely new client for Windows 10/11. It will have mostly the same old classic UI, 1920×1280 resolution, more bank space and more inventory space if possible. We are a long way from finishing this, so please bare with me!

We are also long-term working on a complete site redesign, as we move away from the existing site design.

    Description of the game

Adventure awaits in the many towns, dungeons, deserts and forests of Open Faldon. Kill monsters to level, join religions, raise 32 different skills, collect over 600 types of items, become a master mage, form your own guild, buy a house, and sell on the market.

Welcome to Open Faldon Open Alpha

Open Faldon is currently working on a new client, but we are fully supporting the legacy client in this Open Beta while these efforts are ongoing. Thanks for playing!

This server is made by players, for players. Explore the many regions that this free online RPG has to offer. Fight monsters, gather resources and materials to craft items and consumables. Interact with other players through chat and team up with each other in a party system or the guild system. Open Faldon is an open game that does not limit your experience. There are no class restrictions, so its up to you how you want to play the game. Open Faldon offers you a wild variety of monsters to hunt and get the items you want to collect.

This project has began with the idea that the players of Faldon deserve more than a dead game with no development. We do not charge a fee for Membership (Citizenship) or Stat Resets. Once you login, your account will be set to Citizenship instantly and Stat Resets are sold on a NPC. We would like to welcome you to our shard server.

Open world style gameplay

Open Faldon is a free online role-playing game. You can explore the world, fight monsters, craft items, and interact with other players. Open Faldon does not limit a player’s abilities and skills with class restrictions. Also, various religions are provided to further customize your character. Each player character receives 5 to 10 stat points per level up. They can be added to Strength, Stamina, Constitution, Defense, Intelligence or Magic.

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