Frequently asked questions

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What is different to the original server?
  • First and foremost, this server is being updated almost daily. We are planning to add more content such as quests, raids and new items/monsters as time progresses. Currently the server is in an early beta-state and bugs and exploits are being worked on.
  • Drop rates are revised and different than the original server. Skill-raising works differently to some degree. Magery and Tactics now have a title in this server, their original titles. You can also choose your title at a NPC, so you are not bound to whatever is your highest skill.
  • Some stats are revised. Defense adds AC, which is actually useful now. Constitution and Magic have different increasements. Int still adds Mana Points but also increases your spell damage. Mages can also CRIT with their spells.
  • Some functionalities work differently, such as, buying from Market takes GP from your bank instead of your inventory. There are a few more basic functions that work different but are not worth mentioning here for now.
  • Market has a deadline. If your item doesn’t get sold in time, the system will mail your items back to you once time has run out.

There are a few more things we can mention here and we will once there are more updates.

Known issues

The game wont start for me after clicking play

  • The game requires you to connect to the normal port set for the original server. It could be that your config settings are set to connect to the alternate port.
  • Click config on the Launcher and go to Sockets. Make sure the box is ticked off to be able to connect to the server.

I am getting a lot of image lag

  • Go to config on the Launcher. Go to Display and tick all the boxes OFF. You can keep it on windowed mode.

If that doesn’t work try:

  • Open NVIDIA control panel and go to 3D settings. (Or any other graphic card you might have)
  • Click the “Programs” tab.
  • Add “client.exe”
  • Turn OFF “Vertical Sync”, “Low Latency Mode”, “Anti Aliasing”, and “Gamma Corection” options for client.exe

(I’m guessing it’s the Vertical Sync and/or Low Latency that actually made the difference. But those are all the options I disabled.)

Fix by Nykz, thanks.

Best Performance with VirtualBox

VirtualBox with Windows XP

  • If you want the best performance, then you can install VirtualBox and setup Windows XP. The Faldon client is old and it runs best on old machines.

    Download VirtualBox

How to setup Windows XP

  • The easiest way is to follow a YouTube guide for this.

    Link Here

Can I play Open Faldon on Mac?


  • With Boot Camp on Mac, you get just as good performance as if you were on a Windows 10 PC / Laptop as long as you have decent specs. With Boot Camp it is like dual booting. You choose between booting up in MacOS or Windows 10. Boot Camp installs all the latest drivers the specs requires to run Windows 10 smoothly. It will install the latest drivers for AMD or Nvidia, depending on GPU you have. I have a MacBook Pro 15 Retina with 16 GB RAM, i7, Geforce GT 650M which runs really smooth with Windows 10. Even better than my previous Windows 10 laptop which had a MX150 GPU (Mini 1050 GPU) and newest i5. It had 8 GB of RAM (DDR4), this one does not have it. Easy peasy setup. So I will cover this later.

    Long story short. Before they mostly used Parallels for starting up Windows on MacOS. This is not a good option if you want performance. This runs MacOS and Windows on the same session. It is like doing a virtual machine setup on your MacOS and deploying the max specs on it. Not optimal if you want to play games. It works fine if you just want to open some programs that requires Windows 10. The thing with Parallels is that it costs you a lot of money in the long term. Boot Camp is completely free which comes with your Mac.

    • Alrighty, enough good talk now. Let’s step over to the How To.

    Here you have some simple links of doing this:



    If you have any questions further, then just leave your question on Discord.