08-05 UPDATE


  • Apple bugs fixed
  • Wrong display Name bug less likely to happen in theory as we’re storing player IDs in the netstate. Will ask @Nathan to take a look at the GetMobileName method in our code too that uses MobileName packet
  • Dura issues with newly minted items fixed up
  • Curse verified to work correctly on mobs as intended (resists lowering on mobs verified to be too gay OP)
    -Dragon ghosts can raise taming from 195 to 210.89 now, WW same range before them…
  • Also, we now have all Zer Faldon spawns in their 100% entirety @Tim Lucia @funktorious @Chris10 @OF Players


  • DB side fixes. Going to clean mail and market soon.
  • Int also set to 1500 for all players.
  • Adjusted some server side pricing for item sales.

08-02 Announcement

  • We’re doing a full wipe on August 15, 2020. Date is subject to change.
  • For this server, what it means is we’ll focus on balance. and in the next few days, we’ll remove the level cap for now.
  • Open Faldon remains free to play.
  • We’ll work on the site in the coming days.
  • Trade feature is coming soon ™️


  • Orc archers now disregard player holy auras, as do high cents.
  • For this server, what it means is we’ll focus on balance. and in the next few days, we’ll remove the level cap for now.
  • High centaur / Magma are a bit harder
  • You cannot cast Direct Damage spells while berserkerd, the rest all work as normal. This is experimental.
  • See berserk nerfs above.
    • Achilles skin costs more, is more rare on Chuckles.
    • Chuckles sells spells up to 16th.
    • Named Talismans removed from vendors, as Rob already added them to mid tier loot lists (DRAGONS).
    • Achilles is still on vendor, but with 10 dura rather then 20
    • im Lucia’s account data fixed up :P.


  • We’re looking at trading functionality this month. Freelancers will start soon.
  • Planning to start advertising for the alpha/beta of Open Faldon despite not being “done” with the game. We’re pressing ahead. As a free to play game, we know it’ll never be perfect.

08-01 Evening Update

  • Attempt at fixing name bug.
  • Berserk spellcasting adjusted.
  • Berserk now raises at its expected rate with martial arts and archery, based on AR rather than per click.
  • erserk and Hermes Speed (Bestow Favor) no longer stack.

08-01 Update #2 Afternoon

  • Magma is a bit harder, drops left mostly the same, but he was just too easy still.
  • High centaur is a bit harder, drops adjusted up slightly.
  • Fixed an AR hack/step bug that seemed particular to Axes.
  • Pre/suff removed from some vendor gear in Midgard, items stay though with reduced prices.
  • % adjusted to be additive like zer’s rather than multiplicative, this was an emulator error.
    • STR is back to working in 50s rather than 40s.
    • Rick has more of a cooldown to spam sell him rares.
    • Pricing of some gathering items adjusted.
    • Stat resets cost marginally more now.
    • Crafting pre/suff is more of a luxury thing than an assumed now based on enchanting with lower chanes.
  • Certain good pre/suff are more rare off the RNG.
    • Logging added for item retrieval, skill use and spells and various other server actions.
    • Exo still hurts undead but more in line with zer’s than ours which was a bit overkill in terms of penalty to holy resist.
    • Title bugs fixed up.
    • Apple bug looked at for bank/inventory/mail hopefully….
    • Some spells cost more gold./li>
    • Title bugs fixed up.
    • CON will not raise skills faster anymore, at least not for now.
    • Some spells cost more gold/li>
    • Better concurrency code around network sessions and location id and name ids. Hopefully this means less weird name errors, guild chat errors and mail errors. If other causes exist we’ll have to add logging for that

    06-08 Update: New Client

    We’re working on an entirely new client for Windows 10/11. It will have mostly the same old classic UI, 1920×1280 resolution, more bank space and more inventory space if possible. We are a long way from finishing this, so please bare with me!

    We are also long-term working on a complete site redesign, as we move away from the existing site design.