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Monster Spell


Spell Description Skill Requirement Mana
Holy Aura Call upon your gods to surround you with a blessing to keep you safe from evil. 0 - 15 5 (+1/level)
Focused Shot Archery. This ability allows an archer a zen state of mind to fire an arrow without the need to move and target. 1 - 1 0 (+0/level)
Whirlwind Resist: Physical. Enter a frenzy to hit multiple enemies at great energy cost. 1 - 10 0 (+0/level)
Lesser Heal This is the basic healing spell taught to all new mages. 15 - 30 15 (+3/level)
Healing Wind Call upon a calm, refreshing breeze to breathe some life back in to those in the area. 25 - 55 60 (+0/level)
Nature Shield Nature Shield is a druidic healing magic. It cures poison from and restores health to all those in the area selected by the caster. 25 - 55 65 (+0/level)
Shield Shield is a spell taught to novice mages to protect them against rats and other small animals that may cause minor injury. Unlike Holy Armour, it is not intended for serious battle. 30 - 45 20 (+0/level)
Restoration The spell restoration removes various status conditions and provides the minimal amount of healing. It also increases your regeneration by a small amount. 40 - 55 40 (+0/level)
Exorcism Resist: Holy. Paladins and clerics have long had the ability to exorcise demons from the living and the dead. The mana cost of Exorcism is low compared to the massive damage it inflicts upon undead beings. 40 - 65 25 (+3/level)
Hermes' Speed Bestow yourself with the speed of the messenger God Hermes. 40 - 65 40 (+0/level)
Empower Used in the past by mages who wished to enter tournaments generally intended for warriors, the Empower spell increases any creature's strength, enabling it to inflict about 25% more base damage. 50 - 65 35 (+0/level)
Antimagic Antimagic is one of the few magics taught to non-mages. As the power of magic has increased gradually over the years, warrior guilds have felt it necessary to offer their members a defense against long-range attacks. 60 - 75 45 (+0/level)
Holy Armour Holy Armour is the battle variant of Shield - it blocks significant damage before it is lost, and is only moderately expensive to cast. 70 - 85 45 (+0/level)
Bless Cleanses one of multiple ailments one may be suffering from, like a curse, or slowness, but does not remove poison. 75 - 125 60 (+0/level)
Prayer Buff. Holy. Adds great regenerative ability, martial prowess and latent holy and physical energies. 88 - 150 120 (+0/level)
Holy Strike Resist: Holy. Summon the power of your Gods to envelope your target in anguish. 110 - 135 60 (+0/level)
Greater Heal Some years ago, Valour's reclusive old wizard and spellbook merchant, Dashiva, took it upon himself to research the technique behind the Theocasern clerics' healing magics. After many years, he came upon a combination with immense power, and dubbed it Gr 125 - 185 80 (+0/level)
Dissipate Resist: Holy. Cast to exorcise undead in a wide area. 135 - 175 150 (+5/level)
Banish Resist: Paralysis. Easily the most destructive spell known to man, Banish can kill nearly any mortal in a single cast. 175 - 220 200 (+10/level)


Spell Description Skill Requirement Mana
Magic Missile Resist: Magic. A weak projectile spell, Magic Missile, causes minor injury to whomever it strikes. At a low level, it is only effective against small creatures such as rats or snails. Higher levels can slay baby dragons. 0 - 20 4 (+1/level)
Town Portal Summon your corporeal self back to the town of Valour. 1 - 10 25 (+0/level)
Polymorph When wishing to pass large groups of lesser monsters unscathed, wizards often polymorph themselves into slimes. For some, this is due to how well the concept of a slime fits their personality, and for others it is simply a matter of efficiency. 1 - 10 0 (+0/level)
Night Sight A common advantage of forest creatures is that they naturally see easily at night. Humans, however, are not so lucky, and it is for this reason that the Night Sight spell exists. It is inexpensive to cast and offers a reasonable battle advantage. Night S 10 - 30 15 (+0/level)
Ethereal Gate Cast to save your place in existence, and then again to recall yourself to that saved location at a later time. 10 - 30 80 (+3/level)
Lightning Resist: Lightning. Lightning is generally known to strike adventurers at random, especially those who wear platemail during a rainstorm. 20 - 40 8 (+1/level)
Illusionary Menace Resist: Physical. A group of menacing Illusions can do wonders to stop a pursuer in their tracks, by cornering them and thus rendering them immobile. The spell is cheap to cast and remarkably effective. 30 - 45 25 (+4/level)
Chain Lightning Resist: Lightning. A variant on the Lightning spell, Chain Lightning targets electricity at all life forms, be they friend or foe. In this way it is extremely potent when combating large groups of enemies. 40 - 66 10 (+4/level)
Nova Resist: Physical. The casting of Nova causes an enormous ring of spinning blades to be emitted from the caster, which destroy all in their path. 65 - 85 50 (+9/level)
Flash Resist: Lightning. The Flash spell damages and paralyzes an enemy with a bright flash of lightning. 75 - 95 35 (+5/level)
Summon Wolf Resist: Physical. A druidic magic, Summon Wolf conjures a number of bloodthirsty canines to serve the caster as guardians. These beasts last only a few minutes. 95 - 115 40 (+0/level)
Energy Bolt Resist: Magic. Zap your target with a bolt of focused magic, causing moderate injury. 115 - 135 75 (+6/level)
Mind Blast Resist: None. Mind Blast eliminates the Holy Aura guardian magic, if the caster has a stronger intellect than who he or she is targetting. Otherwise, the spell will backfire. Due to the nature and power of mind blast, it leaves the caster temporarily dis 135 - 155 50 (+5/level)
Teleport Focus your mental acuity to transfer your body to another location. 150 - 180 30 (+5/level)
Nauseate Resist: Paralysis. Wraps a magical hand around the intestines of your enemy, twisting them to the point of intense, stunning pain. 175 - 220 200 (+5/level)


Spell Description Skill Requirement Mana
Poison Cloud Resist: Posion. Poison Cloud is one of the four death magics that became widely available during the Third Orcish War, when a band of knights from the city of Valour raided the Dark Temple of all its books and trinkets. Poison Cloud's ability to rapidly 1 - 25 10 (+4/level)
Dark Touch Resist: Poison. Cast forth a decrepit plague hand, injuring and poisoning any whom it touches. 20 - 45 15 (+2/level)
Burning Rain Resist: Fire. Call down a burning rain of fire from above, scorching the ground and anyone standing upon it. 45 - 65 100 (+5/level)
Death Darts Resist: Poison. Death Darts are a potent ranged poison attack, and unlike another similar necromancy spell (Dark Touch), they are fast and inflict reasonable immediate damage, but leave no lingering poison. 45 - 75 25 (+3/level)
Summon Slimes Resist: Physical. Summon sentient balls of slime from hell to do your bidding. 65 - 90 50 (+2/level)
Bane Resist: Poison. Bane is a powerful poison spell that leaves lasting damage on its target. 70 - 100 125 (+10/level)
Curse Curse your target, causing them to take increased damage from all sources. 72 - 115 60 (+5/level)
Weaken Lowers your targets strength, and their physical resistance to injury. 72 - 125 65 (+5/level)
Summon Spiders Resist: Physical. Summon quick, ferocious spiders to defend their master. 90 - 120 130 (+5/level)
Medusa's Stare The words necessary for a Medusa's Stare were found in a book when a party of adventurers accidentally fell through a trap door in the Lizard's Lair and encountered an old and evil sorceress, who traded knowledge of the spell for a pet snail. 120 - 135 50 (+4/level)
Raise Dead Resist: Physical. Breathe life in to the former living, creating an army any Necromaner would love. 130 - 150 75 (+3/level)
Slowed Actions Wizards, being more concerned with intellectual than physical aims, often cannot run at high speeds. Slowed Actions remedies this, by making both the target's walking rate and attacking rate sluggish. 145 - 175 70 (+5/level)
Decrepify Resistance: Poison. Lower resists and poison your enemies in an area 150 - 190 125 (+5/level)
Apocalypse Resist: Fire. Summon hellfire from the heavens to decimate your opponents. 175 - 220 200 (+12/level)

Elemental Magics

Spell Description Skill Requirement Mana
Fireball Resist: Fire. The Fireball spell causes a sphere of fire to launch from the caster's hands, causing moderate damage to anything it strikes. Fire is not especially effective against dragons or daijas. 0 - 20 12 (+3/level)
Icebolt Resist: Paralysis. Form together a frozen bolt made of the moisture in the air, to pierce through your target, dissolving to leave behind a gaping hole. 20 - 45 10 (+5/level)
Flaming Arrow Resist: Fire. A spell originally only known to wizards whom pledged to serve the undead, Flaming Arrow causes fairly high damage at a reasonable cost to mana, and it is certain that its casters do not use it honourably. 40 - 60 20 (+2/level)
Blizzard Resist: Paralysis. Brings the cold, paralyzing feeling of heavy snows upon your target, injuring everyone in their immediate vicinity. 55 - 75 125 (+5/level)
Flame Strike Resist: Fire. Call down a quick flash of fire from above, severely scalding your target. 70 - 90 50 (+5/level)
Cold Ice Strike Cold. This spell changes your weapon damage to cold or paralysis damage for 60 seconds, and provide a Cold +% bonus damage as well. 80 - 105 75 (+3/level)
Fire Wall Resist: Fire. Invoke a wall of flame to bar movement, lest they become horribly burned. 100 - 115 60 (+4/level)
Ice Nova Resist: Paralysis. Creates a chilling nova of spikes to emanate from the caster, piercing all around them. 115 - 135 100 (+12/level)
Earthquake Resist: Physical. The ability to summon and control the power of the earth element at will is and has always been rare. Those that possess the skill are greatly feared and respected among their magic-casting peers - only the truly powerful can create a d 130 - 150 150 (+10/level)
Charged Bolt Resist: Lightning. Calls forth a nova of electricity to emit from a casters selected area. 145 - 165 35 (+4/level)
Meteor Storm Resist: Magic. Pull flaming stones from the stars to pulverize your enemies. 160 - 180 120 (+6/level)
Chaos Bolt Resist: Poly. Elemental bolts rain from the sky upon your enemies 180 - 220 150 (+10/level)